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Rakvere manor and manor park

The former Rakvere manor and manor park are located on the current Teatrimägi. Rakvere Theater Hill already had a settlement in ancient times, which received the city right of Lübeck from the King of Denmark on 12.06.1302. 16th- century in the first half the monastery was located here and after that was here the center of Rakvere manor.

Opening hours

24 hours


Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwaldi tänav 2 Rakvere Lääne-Viru maakond (See map)


The barn, which is one of the most stylish outbuildings in Estonian 18th- century manor architecture and the only surviving baroque ensemble, has survived from the manor-era architecture. Proof of this is the masterful rococo-stucco decor on the triangular pediment. In 1940, the theater house built next to the manor house of Rakvere manor was completed and the Rakvere Theatre was opened. Today, a public house operates in the former manor house (the building on the right side of the building complex), which was renovated in 2005.

Today's park behind the Theater building used to be a monastery garden and a manor park. Rakvere Manor Park is also known as Rakvere Theatre Park, Rakvere People's Park, and People's Garden. Today, the park is open to everyone for walks, picnics, and greenery. The park has well-maintained paths, beautiful arched bridges, and plenty of benches to sit and listen to birdsong, watch the numerous families of ducks  in the ponds and admire the beautiful flower beds.

Family little ones can play and climb on the playground, which also has swings and a sandbox.