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Viru Käsitöö Salong
#souvenirs, handicraft

Viru Handicraft Showroom

On the historical Pikk tänav in Rakvere, you will find the Viru Handicraft Showroom, where you can buy Estonian handicrafts. There is a wide range of...
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Rakvere Tourist Information Centre

Rakvere Tourist Information Centre is located on the ground floor of the Smart House Competence Centre built as an expansion to the historical bank...
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AQVA Spa Wellness Centre

At the spa centre, you can enjoy a luxurious selection of body- and soul-pampering massages, as well as body and facial treatments.
#shopping centres

Vaala Shopping Centre

The second largest shopping center in Rakvere area is located at the entrance and exit on the Narva side.
Autor Kristina Litvjak
#souvenirs, handicraft

Marit Handicraft Shop

Marit Handicraft Shop is a handicraft store located on the historic Pikk street in Rakvere.
#souvenirs, handicraft

Rakvere Castle Souvenir Shop

Rakvere Castle souvenir shop is located in Vallimäe, Rakvere Castle. In the souvenir shop you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts with the theme of...
#souvenirs, handicraft

LILIINA handicraft shop Liina

A little away from the city center, near the railway station, there has been a factory producing linen home textiles since 1945. There is also an in...


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