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Outdoor gym at Kastani Avenue in Rakvere

A complex outdoor gym with climbing features and gymnastics rings is located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre, next to the Rakvere Sports...
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Rakvere Tourist Information Centre

Rakvere Tourist Information Centre is located on the ground floor of the Smart House Competence Centre built as an expansion to the historical bank...
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Rakvere Discgolf Park

Discgolf park is located behind Rakvere Hospital in the City Forest and consists of 18 tracks (50-200 meters). In addition, there is also a basket for...
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Rakvere Bowling

Rakvere Bowling is located on VƵidu street, from the city center in the direction of the railway. It is an ideal place to spend free time with family...
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Military Escape Game

In the Military Escape rooms is possible to play two different escape games - GAZ-53 driving to the battleground & escape from the White Coat Room.


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