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Rakvere Tourist Information Centre

Rakvere Tourist Information Centre is located on the ground floor of the Smart House Competence Centre built as an expansion to the historical bank...
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AQVA Spa Wellness Centre

At the spa centre, you can enjoy a luxurious selection of body- and soul-pampering massages, as well as body and facial treatments.
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Seminar rooms of Hotel Wesenbergh

The seminar rooms of the Wesenbergh Hotel are located in the cozy Wesenbergh Hotel in the center of Rakvere. The rooms are suitable for meetings...
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Seminar rooms of Hotel Villa Theresa

Villa Theresa’s seminar rooms are located in the Art Nouveau-style, cozy Villa Theresa Hotel. The hotel has 3 different seminar rooms.
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Rakvere Theatre conference centre

The conference rooms of Rakvere Theater are located in the premises of Rakvere Theater and Theater Cinema. The rooms are suitable for guest...
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Art Hotel seminar rooms

Art Hotel's seminar rooms are located next to Rakvere Central Square in Art Hotel. The rooms are suitable for conferences, seminars and festive events...


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