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Autor Rakvere Turismiinfokeskus
#sculptures & monuments

Sculpture ’8-year-old Edith”

Edith Kotka-Nyman (4 May 1932, Tallinn – 7 April 2017 Stockholm) was the Goodwill Ambassador for Rakvere who contributed to the tight and fruitful...
Autor Elvis Antson
#sculptures & monuments

Tarvas sculpture

Situated close to the Order Castle on Vallimägi hill, there is the Statue of Tarvas which gave the name to the Tarvapää Fortress and the town.
Autor Rakvere Turismiinfokeskus
#sculptures & monuments

Juhan Kunder monument

This monument has been erected in memory of Juhan Kunder, a schoolman and playwright who lived in Rakvere.
Autor Rakvere Turismiinfokeskus
#sculptures & monuments

Rakvere War of Independence Statue

The Rakvere War of Independence Statue was unveiled on August 30, 1925. The six-stage concrete foundation of the pillar was made by master Reinhold...
Autor Rakvere Linnavalitsus
#sculptures & monuments

Okaskroon monument

The "Okaskroon" monument is a memorial to the victims of the repression of Soviet rule.


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